Be Easy to Get Ahold Of!

Want to know an easy way to become a producers go-to person to hire? Whether for acting, directing, sound, cinematography, production design- anything? 


If I have reached out to see if you are available for work on an upcoming project, I typically have at least three other people in mind for that EXACT job. If I don’t hear from you in a timely manner, I will move on to the next person on my list. 

Time is one of the most precious commodities when filmmaking, even in pre-production. As a producer I don’t have time to chase you down, and send follow up texts or emails to you. I am on a moving train that is hurtling towards a set filming date and I need to know if you are in ASAP. 

What is a timely manner? 4 hours MAXIMUM. I understand some people are on other sets or day jobs and may not be able to answer fully in that time frame, but within 4 hours wherever you are working, you should have at least a five minute break. And on that break you can text or email me back and say, “I’m working at the moment, let me get back to you tonight (or tomorrow morning)”. 

I don’t mind waiting for you to fully confirm as long as I know you are INTERESTED. A simple, quick reply lets me know that you want the job, you just need to check your schedule. Great! I will wait until you do so to move on to the next person. But if you don’t get back to me by the time you said you would...yep, I’ve moved on. 

This might seem harsh, but we work in a fast paced and competitive industry and being a person I can rely on to get back to me quickly gives you a HUGE advantage. Then I know that during scouts, pickups, or on set, I trust you will be responsible person and reply in a timely fashion. 

I know a lot of talented people that I hesitate to hire or recommend because I know they are not easy to get ahold of. Don’t be that person. Responding quickly and efficiently is one of the EASIEST steps you can take to improve your career right now. 

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