How to Boost Your IMDb (Without waiting on others)

Like it or not, IMDb is one of the most important websites for actors. The problem is, unless you’re a big star or booking TV shows every month, your page might not be reflective of all the work you do.


We’d all love a long IMDb page with tons of credits, lots of red carpet photos, and trivia about our pet’s names.


How can you get that if the short films, webseries, and student projects you do aren’t updated frequently? Or maybe you aren’t booking as many projects as you like, so there is nothing to update.


You can do that all yourself, by adding your own projects to your page!

* Search all the projects you’ve done in the past few years. Some might be up, but haven’t listed you in the credits, or listed someone of the same name who isn’t you (There are four Allison Powell’s) Check and update yourself to those via the IMDb contributor

Have you made a sketch yourself? A silly instagram video? Several YouTube shorts? Add those! They all count as “web projects” AND you can even list your other roles on those projects (producer, director, writer) You add those the same way


Contributions TAKE TIME. They can be a slog, so make sure you have an hour or so and strong cup of hot tea (or coffee) to sit and type, click, and approve. If there is something in RED you need to fix or update it, if you are seeing GREEN, scroll down to click “continue” or “re-check these updates” until you are done.

Give IMDb a few days to process and voila! You’ve got a nice long resume you can feel proud of.

Have you not ventured into creating your own content? Greenlight yourself! Anything is possible, book a call if you’re getting stuck

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