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Is Your Script Actually Filmmable?

Have you ever given a finished script to friend to help make it and they say, “This is impossible to film” or “We don’t have the money” or “Why are there so many locations?”

When I first started writing and filmmaking I was sure anything was possible! Film is magic, right? You can dress any location to look cool and get tons of extras no problem. Riiiight.

One day I’d like to have a huge budget and make the movie exactly how I see it in my head, without compromises.

Until then, I get creative and make sure my script is FILMMABLE for the BUDGET I have.

FILMMABLE means: You don’t have too many locations and all are ones you can get easily at an affordable rate (A castle could be an easy location if your uncle is a Duke)  

FILMMABLE means: You avoid a ton of costume changes or multiple “days” in a script (Unless it’s all on a spaceship that’s actually your bathroom and everyone is wearing onesies over a month long timeline)

FILMMABLE means: Little to no background actors needed. Finding background can be a very difficult process and if the script takes place in a mall where tons of people would be shopping...that can get tough.

FILMMABLE means: You know exactly how many shots you need and that every line is a seperate shot. A long paragraph of description could end up being 17 shots and you need to make sure you have enough time in your days to get them all.

FILMMABLE means: You love it and are willing to work hard to get it made. There is no point in working incredibly hard on a project you don’t fully believe in---so no matter what compromises you might need to make, make sure it’s still a piece you want to see on screen.

Working on anything cool at the moment? I’d love to connect and hear more!

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