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No One is Coming to Save You

You’ve got this awesome project you want to get made, you know it’s going to be amazing and everyone should be excited to work on it for you. But nothing is happening. You’re not finding crew, you don’t have a shoot date, and the budget hasn’t even been drawn up.

So you decide you need to get someone to make your project happen. Maybe you hire a director, maybe you try to find a producer, maybe things start moving. 

But more likely--they don’t. 


You expected someone ELSE was going to come along and save you. Someone ELSE was going to figure out the budget, find the money, hire crew, and cast the actors. Someone ELSE was going to do all the heavy lifting. 

But guess what? No is coming to save you. No one is EVER going to be more enthusiastic about your project than YOU. 

Does that mean you can’t ask for help and advice? Shouldn’t hire a more experienced producer? No! 

It DOES mean that even if you DO, you are still the creator. If you have not sold or optioned your script to another filmmaker it is YOUR baby. And that means you’ve gotta get down and some work. 

Research equipment deals. Help with location scouts. Vacuum set at the end of the day. If it’s your project you should be working harder to make it happen than anyone else.  

There is a HUGE difference between gathering a competent team around you to help you succeed and expecting someone to come in and solve all your problems. 

Don’t keep reaching out and asking someone to “collaborate” or work for you if you are not willing to do some of the work yourself. Stop sitting back on your heels and start making things happen.

Filmmaking is tough, so you better be too. 

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