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How to Provide GREAT food on Set

Let’s face it: Food can make or break a set. Having good craft services, AKA Crafty will make you set a heaven for everyone working on it.

But what IS good crafty? Snack food? Soda? Chips? Candy? What do you buy??

We’d all love a well stocked crafty table heaped with food that we don’t set up ourselves, but until that day, we’re going to need to budget and set up the crafty table on our own.

The amount of crafty you need to buy will vary depending on the number of crew and cast and the number of days you are filming. Some items will need to be replenished if you’re filming several days (ice, water, fruit and veggies) Some you can buy in bulk and may end up with leftovers (Sour Cream and Onion Chips anyone??)

When buying crafty it’s best to a bulk grocery store--note though that Costco and Sam’s Club may NOT be the best option if you’re only buying food for a day or two. You won’t need a gallon of creamer and will end up spending more and wasting food.

Smart and Final is a great option here in Los Angeles, but look for other stores near you like Grocery Bargain Outlet that may sell certain items in larger quantities.  If you don’t have one, your local grocery store should do just fine.

Here are some MUST haves for crafty:

WATER--and plenty of it! Make sure you have enough water that people can drink it through wrap out at the end of the day.

COFFEE--Keep it hot and full all day long!

GUM/MINTS--People are drinking a lot of coffee! Make sure they have a way to get fresh breath again should they desire.

NUTS/TRAIL MIX--I prefer mixed nuts over trail mix as trail mix usually has candy or dried fruit, whereas plain nuts or a nut mix is pure protein and fuel.

CHIPS/PRETZELS/POPCORN--Single serve bags that people can grab and go. Something salty and lightly filling.

FRUIT--Bananas, apples, oranges, something fresh!

COOKIES/CANDY--A small amount of something sweet for a sugary pick me up.

SODA/DIET COKE--Bubbles and caffeine in a cold drink, what more do you need to keep you going after hour 8?

CREAMER--For coffee

SUGAR--For coffee

Here are some IDEALS for Crafty

VEGGIE TRAY--Something fresh, healthy, and crunchy.

BAGELS/MUFFINS--A good start to the morning. Bonus--bring a toaster!

CREAM CHEESE--For those toasted bagels!

PEANUT BUTTER--Also yummy on bagels

BREAD--In a pinch a quick peanut butter sandwich can renew strength to tiring crew.

SPARKLING WATER-- A bit of a splurge, but makes set feel fancy and fun.

PROTEIN BARS--Keeps things going strong!

GRANOLA BARS--Good healthy snacks.

STRING CHEESE--A great afternoon protein jolt. (Crafty is all about fuel to keep going, not just snacks and sugar!)

HOT WATER and TEA--Not everyone drinks coffee!

Don’t forget to ask your crew and cast for any allergies and dietary restrictions. If someone is allergic to nuts, find out how severe. If someone is a vegan look for bread that’s vegan (hint: MOST already are!) Take care of your crew and they will take care of you!

Lastly, make sure you’ve got the paper products!








BOWLS (optional)


What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen at crafty?

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